SFC Deserter Arrested on Suspicion of Plotting to Attack Luuka Central Police Station

Police in Busoga North on Wednesday evening confirmed the arrest of Samuel Mulondo, a deserter from the Special Forces Command-SFC, over suspicion of plotting to attack Luuka central police station.

Mulondo, of force number RA 217246 was arrested while wearing Islamic clerical attires and seated outside Luuka central police station.

His arrested followed discrete enquiries by the area police leadership, who became suspicious of Samuel Mulondo alias Mulondo Abdul, noticed for the past one week to be doning the Islamic attires and frequenting the police station without viable reasons.

One of the officers who spoke to URN on condition of anonymity says that they have been tracking Mulondo for the past three days and they found out that he wore casual clothing in the night, slept in bars while camouflaging as a Muslim cleric during daytime.

He adds that Mulondo was also seen ‘inspecting’ Luuka central police station in the nights of 19th and 20th, December, which prompted his arrest.

He further says that, at the time of his arrest, Mulondo wore three trousers, two vests, one shirt, a kanzu, cape, had undisclosed documents linking him to the SFC and a beer bottle, which had been hidden in the pocket of his jacket.

Samuel Musiho, the Luuka resident district commissioner, says that Mulondo was masquerading as a Muslim cleric aiding vulnerable people to access justice.

Musiho says that, Mulondo joined SFC in 2008, disserted in 2018 with a gun and he has been on the Force’s wanted list for close to five years now.

Musiho adds that, Mulondo has been taken to Magamaga military barracks for further interrogation.

Mulondo who was briefly interrogated at Musiho’s office before being referred to Magamaga military barracks reportedly said that he deserted on personal grounds and never harboured intentions of creating harm to both security installations and the entire community at large.

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