Security Guard Wanted for Shooting Rival to Death Over a Woman

Didas Kiiza, a guard from New Uganda Securico Company Limited is on the run for allegedly shooting a man to death in Kiruhura district over a woman. Kizza is wanted for shooting, a man only identified as Abel on the forehead at EBBO SACCO Limited Kinoni branch in Kinoni trading Center Wednesday night.

Samson Kasasira, the Rwizi region police spokesperson, says that after the incident, Kiiza took off with his gun and that of his colleague but dropped the guns 20 meters away from the scene. Police recovered the two rifles registration number SAR UG.POL 92221108090 and UG.POL.FH 68536-108385.

According to Kasasira, preliminary police findings show that the incident was a result of a fight between the suspect and the deceased over a woman that occurred on  January 25th, 2023 at a bar. Stella Kusiima, the owner of the bar where the two fought, says that they clashed over a woman who escaped from the chaos. She says that when the suspect saw the deceased last night, he stopped him and shot him in the forehead, and took off.

The Regional Manager of New Uganda Securico Company Limited refused to comment on the matter, saying that he was not yet informed about the incident. This is the second incident where a security guard is shooting to death a person within a space of two weeks and flees into hiding. In Sheema district, a security guard from Thunder World Security Group also shot his colleague over a woman.

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