Security Forces Seal Off Amudat Over Escalating Insecurity

The UPDF 3rd division deputy commander, Brig. Gen Felix Busizoori has said that they are sealing off the district of Amudat and never to allow the Pokot pastoralists to cross to other districts until they embrace peace.

Joint security forces in the Karamoja sub region have banned Pokot Pastoralists from crossing over to the neighboring districts.

The ban follows several attacks on both communities and security Officers in the districts of Nakapiripirit and Nabilatuk.

Early last week, the Pokot warriors killed two UPDF soldiers and another one injured while tracking stolen cows on Monday evening in Nakapiripirit district

According to Busizoori, their intelligence indicates that most guns used for terrorizing the Pian communities are coming from Pokot West in Kenya through Amudat district.

He said that they have started military deployment along the borders of Amudat and other neighboring districts so that the Pokot pastoralists do not cross outside their district.

He said the Pokot have also been concealing the wrong elements who are still owning guns and using them to commit crimes.

He said peace dialogues have been conducted in the Pian community and they have shown commitments to put an end to insecurity.

Sylvia Awas, the woman Member of Parliament for Nabilatuk district noted that there have been serious ongoing retaliations between the Pian and Pokot communities which have escalated insecurity.

Awas acknowledged that there are still few guns in the hands of wrong elements among the Pian community but the local leadership is trying everything possible to ensure that all guns are returned back to the government.

Awas noted that although people are willing to surrender their remaining guns, they are hesitant of continuous attacks by the Pokot cattle rustlers.

She said that the Pokot are fully armed and the security forces should work hard to disarm so that the two communities can resume peaceful co-existence.

In July 2023, Security forces arrested twelve suspected cattle rustlers over revenge attacks between the Pian and Pokot communities.

The conflict between the two communities resulted from a deadly attack that Pian community carried out in Amudat district leading to the death of Lochuman Komole Lobai, one of the prominent Elders in the area.

The Pokot hit back in revenge and promised to kill at least 20 people from the Pian community.

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