Second Omoro Police Shooting Victim Succumbs to Injuries

The second person who was shot by Sergeant Christopher Okot Bruce, the Officer in charge of Opit Police Post in Omoro district has died. Simon Okema (25) succumbed to the gunshot wounds Tuesday afternoon at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.    

Okema was rushed to the hospital on Monday morning after being shot in the chest by Okot while trying to stop a fight between him and his friend, Emmanuel Olanya (16), a pupil of Opit Primary School. Olanya died on the spot.

The incident occurred at around 5:00 am on Boxing Day in front of Corner House Night Club in Opit Town Council. Moses Akena, the Omoro District Police Commander confirmed Okema’s death to URN on Tuesday evening.

The Aswa River Region Police spokesperson David Ongom Mudong, says that the two were fighting over a girl when the officer intervened to calm down the situation. 

He explained that the lone officer met resistance from the rowdy crowd and opened fire at them killing Olanya instantly and severely injuring Okema at that time. Okot is currently in custody at Omoro Central Police Station on charges of murder by shooting.

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