School, 400 Houses at Buvuma’s Scattered Island Burnt to AshesF

More than 150 pupils at St. Stephen Nursery and Primary School at Buwama Island in Buvuma district are stuck after a fire burnt their school to ashes.

The school, the only education facility on the island is among the properties that were destroyed on Tuesday when the fire razed more than 400 households, a Mosque, a Church, bars, about five moderate retail shops, engines, fishing nets and water tanks.

Milly Nampungu, the school headteacher says that most of the learners come from homes that were affected by the same fire and are now in dire need of shelter and basic necessities like clothes, food and utensils. 90 per cent of the teachers are also affected.

“Right now we cannot do anything, and we don’t know when we shall organize ourselves to resume studies. We stay at an island scattered from the rest of Buvuma district, studying at other islands is impossible since no resident in the current situation can afford transport or boarding section fees,” Nampungu told our reporter.

Innocent Salama, one of the affected residents, and a mother of two says they are currently sleeping in another resident’s kitchen. She says that their most immediate plan is to secure a temporary shelter and think about education in the future.

The Police Officer in Charge of Buwama Police Station Bernard Wanyama suspects that the fire was ignited by an active charcoal stove which was left in one of the houses. According to him, the damage is too big because the houses were built with highly flammable material, yet they were almost connected to each other.

Buvuma County Member of Parliament Robert Ndugwa Migadde appeals to the Office of the Prime Minister to come to the rescue of his constituents adding that the community needs emergency items such as food, iron sheets and tarpaulins.

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