Sand Mining Banned in Nakaseke after Recovery of Dead Body

Authorities in Nakaseke Sub-County in Nakaseke District have banned sand mining following the discovery of a dead body in one of the sand mines.

An unidentified body of a man was found in a sand mine at Luvunvu village in Kasambya Parish on May 30, 2023. The LC III Chairperson, Eric Migadde, immediately informed Nakaseke Police Station about the incident.

Sam Twiineamazima, the acting Savannah Regional police spokesperson, said that upon investigations, the police found the body wrapped in a sack with steel nails in the deceased’s head, suggesting a brutal murder. 

“Detectives and scenes of crime officers visited and documented the scene. We have so far arrested 21 suspects to help in investigations,” Twiineamazima’s statement on the matter reads in part.

The body was taken to Nakaseke Hospital for a postmortem examination while the authorities continue their inquiries into the incident. In light of these developments, Eric Migadde wrote a letter to the Nakaseke Resident District Commissioner (RDC) on June 1, 2023, informing him about the ban on sand mining.

He listed several banned sand mines located in different areas, such as Luvunvu, Kyampisi, Butayunja, Kikwata, Kitaweera, and Butemula.

Migadde also expressed concerns about the behavior of the sand miners, including their involvement in drug use and making inappropriate comments to children. He requested a meeting this Thursday with all stakeholders, including the sand mine owners, to discuss regulations and address the security threats posed by the miners.

He also mentioned plans to propose a by-law to regulate sand mining during an upcoming Sub-County council session.

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