Remembering the life of Orthodox Archbishop Jonah Lwanga

In a statement dated 5th September 2021, the Orthodox Church announced the death of their Archbishop Jonah Lwanga.

The fallen religious leader was born on 18th July 1945 in Ddegeya village, Uganda. Lwanga’s grandfather, Obadiah Basajjakitalo, was one of the two initial leaders of the Orthodox Church in Uganda along with Ruben Spartas Mukasa.

He completed his general education in Bulemezi and Kyadondo, Uganda (1952-1964). Between 1964-1968, he studied from the Ecclesiastical School of Crete. From 1968-1978 he pursued a degree in Theology and Philosophy from the University of Athens.

From 1979−1981 he served as Secretary of the Orthodox Mission in Uganda. On 1st May 1981 he was ordained a Deacon, a year before 1982 when he was ordained a priest.

On 27 January 1992 he was ordained vicar Bishop of Bukoba. The fallen religous leader was on 12th May 1997 elected by the Holy Synod as Metropolitan of Kampala and All Uganda.

Metropolitan Jonah passed away on Sunday 5th September 2021 in Athens, Greece where he was rushed due to illness.

The exact cause of his death remains unknown but reports indicate that he has been battling an unknown sickness for some time. Lwanga, 76, has been hailed by several people as one of the few prelates who stood by the people amidst ongoing human rights abuses and stood for the truth at all costs.

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