Public With Missing Identification Documents Urged To Report To CID Headquarters

Following an operation conducted by Environmental Protection Police together with territorial Police of Nassana, on 24th August, 2022, with the aim of evicting wetland encroachers along Lubigi wetland in Nansana Municipality, Wakiso District, along the northern bypass, the security teams found  Terwane Hakim alias Umaru, a 43 year old, and a  resident of Lubigi in Nansana Municipality, in possession of 10,722 National Identity Cards, 68 Ugandan Passports, 237 Ugandan Driving Permits, two Motor vehicle number plates, warrant cards and ATM cards for different Banks among other documents.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations instituted investigations into circumstances under which the identification documents got into the hands of Terwane Hakim. Currently he is on remand in Budaka prisons for aggravated robbery registered in KIBUKU vide ref. CRB 205/2018 where one Katumwebaze Moreen was robbed of her ID, phone, laptop among others along Tirinyi- Buseeta Road, her ID has since been identified among the recovered items. He is appearing on 10th November 2022 at Budaka Chief Magistrate.

This is therefore to appeal to the general Public and specifically, those who may have lost their National IDs, Passports and Driving Permits to come to CID Headquarters Kibuli Kampala to cross check and identify their missing documents which will in turn aid in our investigations.

Inquiries are still ongoing for cases related to Without Authority deprives or disposes holder of his or her national Identification card contrary to C/S 77 (b) and  Unlawfully keeps or takes possession of a national identity card that belongs to another person C/S 77 (e)  of the registration of Persons Act among others.

Working with respective Issuing Agencies of National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA), Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Works and Transport, we have been able to thoroughly verify all the documents and confirmed that they are genuine.

The Public can also check on the UPF Mobi App or call telephone numbers; 0772977101, 0775335528, 0772338535, 0755024069 and 0782055122 and the UPF social media handles.

Public is advised to get or move with photo copies of their identification documents. Full list of recovered documents below;




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