Psychologist Explains Why More Parents are Killing Their Own Children

In the last six weeks, police have recorded a growing number of incidents where children have been gruesomely killed by their own parents, especially mothers. 

In these incidents, one mother last week killed her two children in Mukono.Another mother killed her three children in Kikuube while another killed her son over posho.

Esther Nankya, who is currently undergoing mental examination at Butabika hospital, killed her two children Ramathan Lubega 3 and Shaban Kamoga 6 two weeks ago. This shocking incident happened at Kikubankima village, Mukono Central Division, in Mukono Municipality.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, said the children’s murder was made known to the public by their father, Musa Kamya, who returned home at around 9pm but his eyes landed on their bodies lying in pools of blood.

Nankya’s murder of her two children came on the heels of the ongoing probe of Agaba Omuhereza, who also butchered her three children identified Praise Ahumuza 5, Faith Wemigisha 3, and Peace Tumukugise an 11-months old baby boy.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, said Omuhereza was interrogated and she gave a very clear account of how she murdered her own three children. Although police were informed that she often had on-and-off mental illness, Omuhereza was examined medically gand found to be fully conscious in charge of her mental faculties, though with abnormal behaviour.

The murder of three children by their mother Omuhereza occurred in Kikuube district. Earlier on, police had arrested Eseza Nabirye a resident of Mayuge district for killing her 7-year-old son for eating her posho without her consent.

So why should seemingly sane persons kill their own children so cruelly?

Prof Edward Bantu, an eminent psychologist explains that the current state of affairs that have made families go through traumatic experiences that have caused stress and anxiety. Bantu explains anxiety as fear of nothing.

Bantu argues that people have been going through economic and social hardships that have forced some to divorce or leave a withdrawn life. He adds that sometimes victims find it hard to cope with realities that come with divorce, separation or financial predicaments and thus transfer the anger to other innocent persons including children.

Bantu said when people have deep-seated problems, they develop psychopathy disease which is in the mind. If someone is observant, Bantu said you can be able to notice that someone’s behaviour is unusual.

Other recent gruesome child killings by their parents include of Nakyanzi Racheal, 30, who killed her 2-year-old daughter Sylvia Kizza in Buikwe. The other is one Yudayah, 30, who cut her 2-year-old daughter Winnie Mercy to death in Luweero, Wobulenzi town council.

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