Polls Open for Serere County By-Election

The Serere County by-election polls kicked off this morning with most of the polling stations opening for voters around 7:30 am. The Electoral Commission dispatched polling materials to the 138 polling stations by 4:00 am.

At Oburin Polling Station where the NRM’s candidate, Phillip Oucor, and an independent candidate, Emmanuel Omoding vote, voting started at 7:02 am.

Samuel Okunya, the area election supervisor said that more than 25 out of 763 voters people had cast their votes by 8:00 am. He says that some of the voters arrived at the polling station before 6:00 am.

At Akonyakinei Catholic Church, voting had not yet started by 7:35 am. Nicholas Ogagul, the Presiding Officer of Akonyakinei said that the delay was caused by the absence of an ink pad.

He says that at least 10 people were at the polling station by 6:25 am. There are 634 voters in Akonyakinei Polling Station.

Jessica Amunyir, a voter at Akonyakinei says that the delay in starting polls is affecting her garden work. James Robert Elaju, another voter in Akonyakinei said that he reached the polling station by 6:00 am but was delayed by the officials.

According to the Electoral Commission, there are 74, 394 voters in Serere County.

The candidates are Alice Alaso of ANT, Emmanuel Eratu of FDC, Phillip Oucor of NRM, and two independent candidates, Emmanuel Omoding and Martin Onguruco.

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