Police Warn Against Exposing Children Involved in DNA Testing

The police have warned health facilities, parents, bloggers, and journalists regarding the exposure of children involved in Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) testing.

According to the Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, numerous pictures and videos showing distressed children involved in DNA testing find their way into the public domain and social media.

Enanga stated that the police are cautioning the public because these children, who are innocent in the paternity disputes, are being victimized without any understanding of their circumstances.

He also pointed out that many facilities conducting these DNA tests lack genetic counselors to provide guidance and support to the affected parties after receiving the results.

“This absence of counseling often leaves the children, fathers, or mothers in a state of confusion,” he said

Police further emphasized the risks associated with approaching any medical center that advertises DNA testing services.

He advised the public to only seek testing from certified DNA centers.

According to Simon Peter Mundeyi, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there has been a high demand for DNA testing as more men have discovered that the children they have been caring for are not biologically related to them.

Mundeyi says that some men have attempted to provide hair and nail samples from the children, but they are advised to physically bring the children to certified medical centers where blood or mouth swabs can be taken.

Mundeyi recounted a notable case from the previous year, where a man working in Europe took six children for DNA testing, and it was conclusively proven that none of the children were biologically related to him. The man had been financially supporting the children’s education in international schools, paying over US$1,500 (approximately 5.5 million Shillings) per child per term.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the police have warned individuals against being deceived into conducting DNA testing from their homes, stating that results obtained from non-certified health facilities would only lead to confusion and domestic violence.

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