Police Truck Intercepted Loading Charcoal

Nakapiripirit authorities have intercepted a police truck loading bags of charcoal despite the presidential ban on commercial charcoal trade.

The truck, alleged to have come from Mbale City, was found loading over 70 bags of charcoal in Kamusalaba area.

The vigilant community promptly notified the district security committee, which took immediate action with the assistance of the police, leading to the arrest of the driver. The driver is in custody at Nakapiripirit central police station.

Michael Okurut, the Nakapiripirit Resident District Commissioner, informed reporters that the truck was impounded as part of the ongoing operations against the commercial charcoal business.

Okurut expressed his astonishment at finding police personnel, who are tasked with implementing the presidential directives, involved in violating the guidelines. Okurut stated that the driver of the police truck will aid in the ongoing investigations into the matter.

He emphasized the need for the driver to be arraigned before court and charged to send a strong message to other officers who might believe they are exempt from the law.

Susan Nangiro, the Deputy Speaker for Nakapiripirit district, commended the effectiveness of the presidential directives in reducing the rampant cutting down of trees for charcoal burning.

She acknowledged the diminishing tree population and lamented that corruption among law enforcement officers has hindered their efforts to combat deforestation.

Despite several attempts to regulate the charcoal business through district council resolutions, operationalization has proven challenging.

Nangiro noted a slight reduction in tree destruction since the implementation of the presidential directives, attributing this progress to the involvement of the district security committee in enforcement.

Paul Lokut, a male district youth councilor, emphasized the necessity of involving youth in campaigns against deforestation. He observed that youth are often excluded from environmental activities and only engaged in peace dialogues.

Lokut stressed the significant role of youth in raising awareness about the dangers of environmental destruction and the importance of tree planting.

He lamented that their efforts often go unrecognized.

When contacted for a response, Michael Longole, the Mt. Moroto Regional Police Spokesperson, stated that he did not have any information regarding the arrest and impounding of the police truck. He assured that he would provide details after verifying the reports.

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