Police to Investigate chaos at Jakana Nadduli’s Funeral

The Territorial police in Savana region and Nakaseke, have instituted inquiries into the ugly incident of violence, which occurred during the burial of Suleiman Jakana Nadduli, at their ancestral home, in Kadunda village, Kisimula parish, Kapeeka sub county, in Nakaseke District, on the 24.10.2022, at around 5pm.

In a statement shared on Tuesday, the Uganda Police Force Spokesperson Fred Enanga noted that the burial process that was progressing well with tributes in memory of the late Jakana, was disrupted by NUP activists chanting party slogans at the funeral.

However, their actions escalated into a violent attack and assault on Mpologoma Majjambere, an NRM political activist, who attempted to stop them from politicizing the funeral. The victim was roughed up and repeatedly hit with chairs and blunt objects, before sympathizers came to his rescue. Several video clips showing how the victim was violently beaten, have been retrieved.

He added, ”We have noticed that such violent and disruptive behaviours during funerals majorly by opposition activists is becoming common. And it is against this background, that we call upon individuals and political groups, to stop such inhuman behaviors at funerals. Burials should be handled with utmost respect and not motivated by politics of hate and discrimination. We want to warn all individuals and groups that continue to glorify and instruct their radical supporters, into creating violence at funerals and other public events, that we shall pursue and bring them to justice.”

”For those who perpetrated violence during the funeral, we wish to inform them that there actions were unjustified and uncalled for.” The Uganda police is taking further action to get whoever was involved in yesterday’s incident.

Enanga also said that Uganda police investigators visited the victim at Nakasero Hospital, adding that the nature and description of his injuries will help the investigations.

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