Police Search for Missing Bugiri Inspector of Schools

Police in Busoga East have mounted a search for David Tenywa, the Inspector of Schools in Bugiri district, who reportedly went missing on Saturday.

Tenywa was reportedly kidnapped from his farm in Nandelema village, in Kapyanga sub-county.

The suspected kidnappers reportedly abandoned his vehicle, a Toyota Premio, registration number UAP 980R, at the farm.

Martin Kisule, the Bugiri Chief Administrative Officer says that Tenywa never returned home, prompting his family members to think that he had gone for a working trip, only to discover he was actually missing.

Kisule further says that Tenywa’s immediate supervisors had assumed that he was unwell and unable to pick up their repeated phone calls, but when he sent out one of their staff members to check on his well-being, the family members informed him that his whereabouts were unknown to them.

Kisule says that they contacted police authorities who have since inspected Tenywa’s farm, where they retrieved both his phones, and that two anonymous callers were tasking the recipients to either pay a ransom or risk losing him.

Steven Mugero, the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Bugiri, who is the victim’s personal friend, says that Tenywa is fond of visiting his farm during evening hours and it is not surprising that unknown individuals schemed to kidnapping him from this point.

The Busoga East Police Spokesperson, Diana Nandawula says that the suspected kidnappers first contacted Tenywa’s relatives seeking a ransom of 10 Million Shillings, but they have currently increased it to 20 Million Shillings, coupled with threats of ending his life, if the money isn’t delivered to them in the shortest time possible.

Nandawula notes that it is suspected that Tenywa was kidnapped alongside his two casual laborers at the farm, whom the kidnappers are using to call relatives for the ransom money.

She has further challenged members of the general public to provide investigating officers with the necessary information required in tracking the suspects, who are believed to be operating within the area.

Nandawula adds that specialized police teams have been assigned the task of tracking down suspects using GPS technologies and there are hopes of rescuing the victim.

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