Police Records More Than 80 Deaths in Crime, Road Accidents During Christmas

The directorates of traffic and criminal investigations registered more than 80 deaths resulting from road accidents and crime incidents during the Christmas season.

The deaths, according to Traffic Police spokesperson, Faridah Nampiima and Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, happened between December 23rd and December 26th which was boxing day.

Nampiima explained that 267 people were victims of road accidents of which 55 people died and 212 sustained serious injuries. The deaths during road accidents include 15 motorcyclists, one driver, 21 pedestrians, eight passengers on motorcycles, and five passengers in taxis while other deaths were of passengers in private vehicles.

The road accidents left 15 drivers nursing serious injuries, 68 motorcyclists, 53 passengers on motorcycles, four passengers in taxis, and 24 pedestrians who also survived with serious injuries.

Nevertheless, the deaths in road accidents have slightly reduced compared to last year’s Christmas. Police records show last Christmas road accidents claimed the lives of 66 people between December 23rd and December 26th last which is a decrease of 11 persons compared to this year.

However, the number of people who survived road accidents with nasty injuries has slightly increased to 212 compared to 206 last year. Other than deaths linked to road accidents, 29 other people were recorded dead by CID as a result of death by shooting, death by poisoning, death by drowning, death by domestic violence, deaths by stabbing, and death by suffocation.

In crime-related deaths, Enanga cited some of the heinous crimes recorded during the Christmas period among others the rape and murder of 13-year-old juvenile Glorious Akampurira Owembabazi in Kabale district. So far four suspects; David Akankwasa, Allan Akanyijuka, Senderera, and Norman Ahumuza have been arrested. Akampurira died on way to Kabale regional hospital. It happened at Nyakasharara all residents of Nyakasharara trading center have been arrested in regard to her rape and murder.

In Lwengo district, Ivan Twakirize allegedly attacked, raped, and strangled to death a renowned female in the area. In Amuria, two suspects attacked a 36-year-old peasant and gang-raped her.

Police in Iganga are searching for Muzafaru Nabeta for hacking Charles Baliddawa to death over a woman identified as Mutesi. In Kibaale, Police have arrested Kelet Byamugisha for killing his neighbour, John Ntabana, using a hoe after a quarrel.

Other murders include that of Gideo Lutalo who was tortured to death by a group led by an LC1 Chairman after he allegedly destroyed property inside a bar of Aidah Nansubuga in Busoga.

Meanwhile, Police have cleared 1,430 people use fireworks at the end-of-year celebrations across the country. However, the Inspector General of Police, Martin Ochola, has instructed territorial police commanders to ensure each venue is inspected and if anyone authorized place doesn’t meet the requirements for a fireworks display should be cancelled.

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