Police Launches New Investigations into the Death of Man During UMEME Operation

Police have initiated fresh investigations into the tragic death of 18-year-old Bob Bamuturambire last week.

Bamuturambire was shot and injured during an operation led by power distributor, Umeme to combat illegal power connections. The incident occurred in Kalimu Cell, Southern Division in Jinja city.

According to the autopsy report, the bullet inflicted damage to Bamuturambire’s intestinal region, leading to multiple organ failure. Bamuturambire passed away on Saturday evening as a result of his injuries. The altercation started when residents resisted the disconnection operation.

Police officers initially claimed that Bamuturambire was hit by a stray bullet as he was part of a group of youths attempting to seize a firearm from the field force unit (FFU) officers, who had been deployed to support Umeme’s enforcement team. However, both family members and residents refute this statement. 

They assert that Bamuturambire was not involved in the clashes and was struck outside his kiosk in the area. They displayed bullet marks on their houses, indicating that not only were live rounds fired into the air, but also at lower angles, posing a danger to the safety of the residents.

Bamuturambire’s maternal aunt, Juliet Nekesa voiced the family’s demand for justice. She described her nephew as a hardworking young man with a promising future.

“He has been a great inspiration to the young ones in the family and as we send him off in Mbale today, we shall miss his spirit of hard work and selflessness towards the improvement of our family’s welfare,” she said.

James Mubi, Kiira regional police spokesperson, revealed that a comprehensive investigation has been initiated. The case is now focused on potential manslaughter charges against the officers who were involved in the operation. Mubi detailed the plan to reconstruct the crime scene and gather statements from all parties involved to determine the sequence of events that led to the fatal shooting.

Mubi revealed that the police officer implicated in the shooting sustained severe injuries to his right arm and is presently receiving treatment at Jinja regional referral hospital. He explained that once stabilized, the officer would provide his statement to investigators.

Moreover, Mubi assured that the police are working closely with the deceased’s family and have extended the necessary logistical, financial, and emotional support required to ensure a dignified burial for Bamuturambire.

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