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Police Issue Strict Guidelines to Fireworks Venues

Police have issued strict guidelines ahead of New Year ‘s Day celebrations on December, 31 across the country. Only 1,597 venues have been cleared to display fireworks and these include prayer venues, gardens, hotels, entertainment venues and more.

The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga revealed that only licenced contractors under the Explosive Act will be alive to take charge of the displaying of the fireworks and should follow the standard procedure.

Licenced contractors include M/S Sky Flames {U] Ltd, M/S Quality Lighting [U} Ltd, M/S Extremes Events {U} Ltd, M/S Tomil Fireworks {U} Limited, M/S Goshen Africa{U} Ltd, M/S Africa {U} Ltd and Fesco Ltd who have been granted on the night of 31/12/2022 to 01/01/2023.

All territorial commanders are tasked to watch out for organizers who set off fireworks outside the permitted times, which can be dangerous to the public.

“They should supervise and guide the operators to set up the display, prior, during and after the discharge of the fireworks,” he said.

He added: “At their discretion, the commanders have the authority to suspend or terminate the display of fireworks due to weather or other grounds deemed unsafe to members of the public.”

Commanders have also been further tasked to police the event and create task teams to prevent disruptions caused by forbidden fireworks.

Enanga also emphasised that each display contractor, shall be required to conduct an onsite safety assessment. The fireworks operator shall supply 10 fire extinguishers properly tagged and functioning.

“The fireworks operator shall supply; fireworks tools and equipment for transporting and receiving, safety on-site storage and the necessary number of qualified personnel needed to setup, fire the display and thoroughly clear the entire area of fireworks debris at the conclusion of the event.”

Other guidelines to be followed by fire works display venues include;

  • All displays shall be set up employing methods for interrupting firing in case an unforeseen danger becomes evident.
  • An operator positioned to have the display at the site shall ignite fireworks displays. Remote ignition systems not under direct control of the onsite operator will not be permitted.
  • Aerial displays shall not include free floating devices or shells, less than 3 inches in diameters.
  • No spectators or spectator parking areas shall be located in the display site.
  • All structures, buildings and premises located within the display site shall remain unoccupied during the display.
  • The presence of a modest number of trees and shrubs is not a safety problem, provided they are not numerous to make it difficult to locate unexploded aerial shells or pose a serious fire safety threat.
  • Fireworks must be aerial fireworks.
  • Keep all fireworks materials dry, and away from bad weather.
  • Prohibit smoking, matches, lighters, open flames within 50 feet of fireworks material.
  • Prohibit persons who are under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or medications that could adversely affect judgment, mobility or stability.
  • No cell phone or radio frequency generating devices are permitted within the immediate discharge area.
  • Wear all protective equipment appropriate for setup duties.
  • Verify all mortars and racks are made of approved materials, and are of sufficient strength, length and durability to allow shells to be propelled to safe deflagration heights.
  • Must ensure the neighborhood are informed of the fireworks through the media and local authorities ie LCs.
  • Verify rescue and emergency medical service units are available and ready to respond.
  • Maintain crowd control, utilizing barriers and monitors.
  • Disable any electric firing switches and disconnect all electric cables.
  • After at least 15 minutes, conduct search of the display and fall out areas.
  • Follow proper marking and warning for unexpected shells.
  • Ensure that all unused line products are accounted for, properly handled, repackaged and secured by counter terrorism personnel.
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