Police Hunt Bodaboda Rider who Punched Another to Death in Stage Scuffle

After police threatening to round up all Bodaboda riders operating at the entrance of Owino Market in Kisenyi over the punching to death of an unidentified rider, the commercial motorcyclists have revealed he was killed by their colleague Martin Mukiga.

Three days ago, police was called to pick the body of a Bodaboda rider who had allegedly collapsed dead while waiting for passengers. After the incident was reported, police decided to assign covert team to understand the genesis of the rider’s sudden demise.

Besides their personnel, police used Closed Circuit Television cameras that showed that the deceased was encircled by the riders at the stage when he tried to pick a passenger.

The deceased was riding a Bajaj Boxer UET 848H and developed an argument with the riders who questioned him why he was picking a passenger from their stage yet he does not operate at any of the stages outside Owino market, in Kisenyi II zone.

In the scuffle, Mukiga punched the deceased in the chest, who fell down and breathed his last. The Bodaboda riders say Mukiga took off after seeing the deceased losing his life. But they have promised to help police in identifying his hideouts.

Siraje Mutyaba, a boda boda rider in Kampala central and one of the leaders describes the incident as an accident but quickly warns his colleagues against going physical for every misunderstanding.

“The problem we have is that Kampala has very many boda boda riders who are strangers,” Mutyaba said. “People come from other districts and start riding boda boda in Kampala. We ask chairpersons of stages to report but not to fight them. Be peaceful, maintain discipline and know you are dealing with people of different characters.”

Godfrey Ojiambo, another Bodaboda rider and leader of the Kawempe association, said the unidentified rider’s death was unfortunate and could have been avoided if the stage chairperson had intervened as a leader.

“As leaders we have tried to settle conflicts between different factions and that was just a stage scuffle,” Ojiambo said. “They pulled their own ropes that resulted into death. As leaders were not aware and it wasn’t based on factions. We advise boda boda riders that when you reach a stage, drop the passenger and proceed. But if you want to pick a passenger, you try to talk to stage owners.” 

Kampala Deputy Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said police is doing whatever is possible to have Mukiga arrested to face murder charges. He said they have noticed that such violence has been happening for a while but it had never resulted into death.

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