Police Foil Illegal Roadblock, Arrest 2 Suspects

Police have foiled an illegal roadblock at Kavule Valley along Semuto road in Matuga in Luwero district and picked up two suspects.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, says that at about 3 pm on boxing day, police officers on motorized patrol found an illegal roadblock between Kavule and Gombe trading centers along Matugga-Semuto road with a Tricycle (Tukutuku) parked about 30 meters away.

According to Onyango, on sighting the police officers, the tricycle moved 10 meters ahead and about 4 men emerged from the bush and boarded it. 

“These were suspected to be the thugs who had staged the illegal roadblock to rob people. The officers rushed to have them arrested but the Tricycle hurried to get away branching off towards Busakya and branched off the main road towards Busakya village,” said Onyango in a statement.

He explains that in the course of pursuing the suspected robbers, Police fired and injured Lazarus Kibuka Lazarus and arrested Jimmy Kasozi. According to Onyango, police impounded the tricycle registration number UEV 932Q while 3 suspected thugs managed to get away. 

Kibuka Lazarus was rushed to Mulago National Specialised Hospital where he is being guarded. Kasozi is locked up at Matugga Police Station on charges of staging an illegal roadblock and robbery. 

“The place where the suspects had staged a roadblock is a black spot area along Matugga-Semuto road where thugs normally waylay people to rob them. The suspects used a very heavy and big stone plus a heavy 4 seater chair to block the road,” he said. 

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