Police Focused on Community Policing to Deal with Security Threats in Rwenzori

The Uganda Police Force-UPF has stepped up community policing in the Rwenzori region to deal with the current security threats in the region. Through Community policing, officers convene meetings to solicit support from the community in responding to security threats and enhance police accountability.

Police commanders say the activities of groups such as the Allied Democratic Forces-ADF in neighboring DR. Congo cannot be left to security organs but rather need community support to be dealt with. On Tuesday morning, Allied Democratic Forces-ADF rebels attacked Bweramule Sub County forcing hundreds of residents to flee their homes and pitch camp at Karugutu Primary School.

Muleterwa Anatoli, the Commissioner for Community Policing in the Uganda Police Force, says that the current security threats are raising a need for the forces to be more connected with the local community than before in order to fulfill their mandate. He added that security sensitization campaigns are continuing to increase people’s vigilance about the scares within the country.

Muleterwa, who met some local leaders, traders, and bar owners in Kasese town, asked them to be vigilant and sensitized the latter on security measures they have to put in place ahead of the festivities. He also asked local leaders to form inspection teams supported by the police to monitor the operations and establishment of the many churches in the community.

The commissioner also asked local council chairpersons to take on the task of handling, meditating, and referring to cases of domestic violence saying the force is worried about the rise of the vice in Kasese. Muleterwa added that his team will also sensitize residents in the region about the dangers of domestic violence.

Charles Agaba Munyere, the operation manager of Rufura abattoir in Kasese town asked for security deployment to deal with the increasing cases of theft in the town. He suggests the need to increase police presence in most business zones within the town during this Christmas season

Gordon Kandole, the chairperson of bar owners in Kasese, says that they have increased their security surveillance and including recommending that all bars deploy security guards and surveillance cameras.

Johnstone Bagonza, a taxi driver in Kasese municipality asked for mass sensitization by the police about terror acts to all the communities at the border points.   

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