Police Dispute UN Travel Advisory of Insecurity on Entebbe Express Highway

The recent travel advisory issued by the United Nations cautioning its staff to avoid using Entebbe Expressway and the Northern Bypass due to alleged insecurity has been described as false and malicious by the Uganda Police Force-UPF.

The UN Department for Safety and Security released the advisory on July 19, 2023, expressing concerns about the safety of the Entebbe Expressway, especially between 11 pm and 6 am.

“UN personnel continue to be advised to avoid traveling on the Expressway from Entebbe to Kampala and from Kampala to Entebbe between 2200hrs-0600hrs and are to consider using day flights to and from Entebbe or staying at Entebbe on late night arrival or departure. If travel is absolutely necessary and unavoidable, then both the Kampala and Entebbe SOC are to be informed prior to travel,” the advisory indicated to its staff.

The advisory also mentioned a resurgence of criminal gangs along the Northern Bypass, impacting members of the public, including some UN staff.

“A joint security team has intensified operations at Namungoona flyover, Busega, Masanafu, NWSC treatment plant at Lubigi, Kyebando, Kisaasi, Naalya roundabout, and Namboole,” the advisory further noted.

However, police have refuted the allegations made by the UN, asserting that in the last six months, there have been no major crime incidents along the Entebbe Expressway, except for reported accidents.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga stated that the UN Department of Safety and Security lacks concrete evidence to support claims of insecurity on these roads.

While acknowledging a resurgence of muggings previously, Enanga assured that the police, in collaboration with the Uganda People’s Defence Force-UPDF has taken effective measures to combat criminal activities.

“We disrupted a sack and rope-throwing criminal gang that was targeting motorists at night and ever since then we haven’t registered new incidents of this nature. We also carried out intelligence-led operations targeting criminal networks along the Northern bypass,” Enanga noted.

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