Police Deploys Heavily At City Offices To Disperse Boda boda Riders

There was heavy police deployment around Mbarara City Council Offices to disperse rowdy Boda boda Riders who stormed the City Clerk’s office demanding the arrest of Robert Kigudu, the Chairperson of their electoral body.

The riders accused the City leadership of not communicating to Kigudu the suspension of the election, which saw him proceed with the elections. Last week Mbarara City authorities suspended the elections of Mbarara City Boda Boda riders’ top leadership over alleged irregularities in the nomination process that had earlier been halted by the Resident City Commissioner, James Mwesigye for alleged fraud. 

However, the Riders accuse Kigudu of defying the suspension. Sadious Owkunda Salongo, one of the aggrieved Boda boda Riders and Former Chairperson of Mbarara City Boda Boda Riders accuses Kigudu of continuing with the preparations for the suspended elections. Owukunda alleges that over the weekend, Kigudu appeared on one of the Radio Stations in Mbarara City and mobilised Boda boda riders to converge at Kakyeka stadium Wednesday, December 13th to elect their leaders.

They want the city authorities to summon Kigudu and officially communicate their decision before the entire Boda Boda fraternity.

Kigudu told URN that he has never received a letter canceling the election and was preparing told the election Wednesday as planned unless he receives a communication to the contrary.

Priscah Murongo, the Deputy Mayor of Mbarara City says the suspension of the elections was to allow them to iron out the complaints from the riders noting that they will soon issue a new road Map. She asked Boda boda Riders to stay calm. Robert Kanusu, the Mbarara City North Division City Commissioner insists that the election was suspended and whoever is behind the proposed election tomorrow will be arrested. He says they have directed Kigudu to withdraw the announcements he put on the radio or else risk arrest.

Swizin Tibesigwa, the Operations Commander of Mbarara Central Police station warned the riders against staging protests and asked them to choose 10 representatives to meet the City leadership to discuss the matter or else they will forcefully disperse them.

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