Police Bans Vending of Hoes, Pangas Over Security Concerns

The Joint Security Agencies, have banned the selling and vending of raw weapons/tools like hoes, pangas, knives and other sharp objects on the streets by vendors and hawkers. 

According to a statement by the forces, those who are found selling such items will have to lose them as they will be confiscated.

The items are said to have a huge contribution to crime and impact on public safety and security. 

“We believe the confiscation of such tools, that can easily be used as weapons, will help mitigate the risks of safety and security, in our neighbourhood, on motorists and other road users,” reads the statement by the police spokesperson, Fred Enanga.

“The enforcement of the laws governing vendors is the sole responsibility of the KCCA. We will therefore, work with KCCA, to ensure and promote a healthy, safe and security environment on our major roads.

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