PHOTOS: Kampala Flyover construction at 26%

According to the Executive Director of the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), Ms Allen Kagina, the construction of the Kampala Flyover project is ongoing despite significant challenges faced. Lot 1 of the project comprises; a new modern clock tower flyover (first of its kind in Uganda), four-lane Nsambya underpass, 3 pedestrian bridges, a new Clock Tower square, junction improvements (5 locations) and general road widening/improvements.

At 26% completion status, the construction of Lot 1 of the Kampala Flyover Project is set to be concluded in December 2022. Kampala City traffic has significantly grown over the past years and this has placed an enormous strain on the existing road capacity. The Kampala Flyover Project is an initiative to alleviate the heavy vehicular and pedestrian gridlock within the city.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, UNRAexperienced delays in importation of project-critical equipment as the world was shutdown.

“I am happy to observe that following the vaccination of most of the project staff, work has resumed and the progress is impressive,” Kagina said.

Commenting during the tour, the Makindye Resident City Commissioner, Mukooza Ronald, applauded UNRA for ensuring that work goes on 24hours a day.

“As the head of security in Makindye division, we are always on patrol, and I have noticed that all day, work is going on. Thank you UNRA for the professionalism you are enforcing on this project,” he said.

With 546 Ugandans (97.5%) and 14 expatriates (2.5%), UNRA is being intentional in supporting the government’s effort of promoting local construction capacity. These local contractors are currently undergoing skills development and can participate in the national road development

“We have ensured that where there is an expatriate manager on the project, a Ugandan deputises him/her. This will ensure that there is a transfer of skills and this will go a long way in building our local technical
capacity for such complex projects,” Eng Sam Muhoozi, Director, Roads & Bridges Development said.

According to UNRA, the Kampala flyover project in the Central Division seeks to reduce traffic
jam and improve mobility.

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