Pader Councilor Arrested For Diverting Animals For Nodding Syndrome Family

Michael Obol, the LC3 chairperson Burlobo parish, Angagura sub-county, Pader district has been arrested for diverting two animals meant for children suffering from nodding syndrome.

The two animals are part of the 208 oxen distributed to 104 families affected by nodding syndrome in Pader district.

In 2014, President Museveni pledged to support families with nodding syndrome patients with an oxen and ox-ploughs. In 2016, Museveni fulfilled only half of the pledge by giving ox ploughs.

Last week, Jane Barekye, the State House Comptroller delivered the 208 oxen to beneficiaries at a ceremony at Awere health centre III in Awere sub-county.

Justine Ocen, the Pader LCV Vice Chairperson says that 104 affected families each got two oxen, unfortunately, Obol and his wife, Susan Lamwaka, signed as the caretakers of the affected family and received the animals.

Ocen explained that the family which has three children suffering from nodding syndrome, are orphans, which is why Obol, and his wife were verified as their caretakers, but reports later emerged that the animals were taken to Vincent Komakech, a resident of Liibi village in Burlobo Parish.

He revealed that the information led to the arrest of Lamwaka on December 28th, 2022 who later revealed the whereabouts of the animals.

Ocen said Lamwaka has been released on police bond, but Obol and Komakech, who were arrested on December 30th, are in police custody.

Ocen said the district has reported the matter to State House officials, who directed that the suspects be brought to book.

He added that there are two other suspects being investigated and will be arrested as soon as police get statements from a few individuals.

Ocen condemned the action of the local leader and his wife, saying it is not only an embarrassment but a show of lack of empathy.

David Ongom Mudong, the Police Spokesperson for Aswa River Region on Wednesday acknowledged receiving the report but said he was still compiling it.

According to a report by the Chief Administrative Officer of Pader, Robert Adebuason, there are 1,548 households affected with nodding syndrome in the district, with some households having more than one patient.

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