Otikokin Clan Demands Blood Compensation for Slain Minister

The Otikokin clan, to which the slain Minister of State for Employment and Industrial Relations Col (rtd) Charles Okello Engola belonged, is demanding blood compensation.

Engola, who was also a deputy clan elder (Awitong), was shot dead at his home in Kyanja on Tuesday by his bodyguard, Private Wilson Sabiiti. Traditionally, when murders of this nature occur, the clan to which the perpetrator belongs is required to pay blood compensation as a way of reconciling the two factions.

This compensation usually involves seven cows, goats, and some money, depending on a number of other factors. Dr. Christopher Oleke, the Deputy Awitong of Otikokin, argued that Engola’s murderer took a key pillar of the clan, and added that emotions are too high, although the clan leaders are trying their best to calm the situation.

He then invited the leadership of Private Sabiiti’s clan to compensate their son to avoid more problems.

According to Dr. Oleke, the clan and people of Lango as a whole also want the government to make public all information pertaining to Private Wilson Sabiti, who ended the life of their son.

David Kennedy Odongo, the District Chairperson Alebtong, who is also the Chairperson of the Lango Chairperson’s and Mayor’s Forum, shared the same idea. He argued that the late Okello Engola was instrumental in advocating for peace in Lango and his gruesome murder should not go unpunished, adding that Lango as a tribe should not tolerate the killings of their sons.

Meanwhile, Charles Osendro, the spokesperson of Otikokin Clan, wants the government to take action against people who are celebrating Engola’s death.

The late Charles Okello Engola is survived by a widow and three biological children.

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