NUP Unveils Former FDC Members to Boost Party’s “Kunga” Campaign

National Unity Platform – NUP, the leading opposition party has recruited former Forum for Democratic Change- FDC members into the party’s Kunga campaign.

NUP unveiled the Kunga campaign last year in a bid to spread the party’s gospel of change at all levels across the country with mobilization committees from villages, and parishes up to the National level led by Vincent Nyanzi.  

Among the notable recruits from FDC is former Rubaga South Member of Parliament contestant Habib Buwembo who was also FDC’s Secretary for Labor whose unveiling comes a few weeks after he officially quit the Najjanankumbi-based party. The new recruits were unveiled on Sunday at the NUP’s headquarters in Kamwokya.  

Speaking at the unveiling function, Nyanzi, the chairman of the mobilizing committee said he has been following Buwembo’s dedicated commitment towards the struggle for change and his recruitment comes as a morale booster to the National Unity platform.  

He said that Buwembo did not give any condition to NUP to join them like many politicians who give ultimatums of elective positions but rather was inspired by the party’s mobilization works and joined the campaign.

On his part, Buwembo stated that after he quit the FDC, many people labeled him a hypocrite and that he was joining the ruling party, NRM, while others anticipated he would join the Muhoozi Project, therefore his appearance at NUP helps him put an end to the speculation about his whereabouts.  

He also stated that after encountering some difficulties in DFC, he wrote to the party leadership and resigned from his position as the party’s secretary for labor in order to join NUP without any controversies.  

He also declined to allegations that he joined NUP to gain political momentum to run for Rubaga South constituency, saying that he just joined the party to give support in fighting the NRM government, therefore people should not take his decision to join the part as a trick to get political mirage.  

In the same vein, Nyanzi enlisted other Kunga committee leaders from various levels in Kawempe division and asked them to work for the party’s benefit. The new members were later sworn in in front of hundreds of NUP members who attended their unveiling event. 

Speaking to the same gathering Nusfa Nakato, the women councilor for Kawempe North, urged NUP leaders who had lost sight of the party’s objective to focus on the reasons why people voted for them.  

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