NUP Founder Kibalama Opens Own Party Office, Stings Bobi Wine

Moses Nkonge Kibalama who is credited for founding the National Unity, Reconciliation and Development Party (NURDP) which later morphed to the National Unity Platform (NUP) has announced that his group has broken ties with Bobi’s Wine’s group, and he has consequently launched new ‘party offices’.

He says he has now taken back the control of his party, and now wants Bobi Wine to stop associating with the party symbols.

“We made an agreement and thought they were a legitimate group but we found out People Power was not registered. We went into a partnership but found out it was a kiwani as they sing. We thought they would come to account to us to show how they have led the party after the elapse of one year in accordance with the agreement but this never happened,” Kibalama said this week after launching his offices.

Gideon Tugume, who is the secretary of Kibalama’s faction warned the Bobi Wine against using party colours, symbols

“If they try to conduct any business using the party symbols logos, flag, stamp or any other party material they will face the wrath of the law. National Unity Platform therefore issues a strong warning to whoever will be found using party colours, stamps and any other materials without permission from the party leadership that such will attract punitive measures,”Tugume said.

Kibalama says Bobi still has a position in the party as Foreign Secretary, but if he does not report to work this week, he will be thrown out.

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