NUP Coordinator Speaks Out on Alleged Torture by Security Forces

On Monday, opposition party National Unity Platform (NUP) presented one of their coordinators, Samuel Masereka, bearing wounds and fresh scars all over his body, to communicate that he had been tortured by security forces.

NUP alleges that Masereka had been arrested in January and taken to a torture chamber with intention of extracting information about the party from him.

In his own narration, Masereka claims he was first taken to police before being transferred to CMI. “ I spent 21 days in the hands of the Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence (CMI) and they tortured me throughout. They were asking me about the plans of NUP. At some point, I started vomiting and lost consciousness.”

NUP had been demanding for his unconditional release. Masereka alleges that many other people are being held in the torture chambers including children and women.

NUP spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi said Masereka is one of many who go through torture at the hands of security. “Many of our coordinators and supporters are treated like this. Many fear to come out and speak, but Masereka is brave to speak out. Others don’t come out because they threaten them with dire consequences.”

According to Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, NUP should report the matter to police for investigation.

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