NUP Asks MPs to Return 40 Million Given to Them By Parliament

The National Unity Platform has asked its Members of Parliament to refund 40million that was given to them by parliament under the pretext that it was a token of appreciation. In a statement, NUP has distanced itself from the funds.

“On Saturday 11th June, 2022, several Members of Parliament belonging to the National Unity Platform reached out to the Party leadership asking about our position on Uganda Shillings 40 million that was being given out to each Member of Parliament. We immediately set out to establish the truth. It turned out that NRM Members were receiving this money in cash from Parliament, while opposition and independent MPs were receiving it from the home of Ms. Anita Among- the Speaker of Parliament! The Members were being told that the money was a token of appreciation, while others were told the money was meant to supplement their income in the tough economic situation in the country. It should have been obvious to everyone that the money was both illegal and immoral, given that it was being given out in cash without any clear explanation about its source and purpose,” reads a statement from the party.

“Some Members were being told to go with boda-bodas or cars not belonging to them in order to disguise themselves! We appreciate the Members who immediately realised this trap and refused to partake of it.”

“The National Unity Platform condemns this open day corruption in the strongest terms possible. How can public funds be handled in this manner? A quick summation of these funds shows that the regime is spending over 20 billion shillings on this illegal, immoral and corrupt venture. This is going on at a time when the citizens of Uganda are grappling with skyrocketing commodity prices and an extremely tough economic situation. Gen. Museveni and his kleptocratic regime are not bothered about what ordinary Ugandans are going through as long as they are comfortably spending tax-payers’ money for their own benefit.”

The Party went on to reveal that some members of the party had picked money, but after a caucus meeting, it was resolved that party members who picked the money should refund it.

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