Notorious Karimojong Warrior Arrested, Three Guns Recovered From his Armory

The joint security forces of police and army on Tuesday evening arrested one of the most notorious Karimojong rustlers.

After being arrested, Mateo Logwe led the forces to his armory where they recovered three guns and 41 rounds of ammunition.

The incident that took place in Nabilatuk district left the security personnel wondering at the warrior’s audacity to the extent of establishing his own armory. 

Micheal Longole the Karamoja regional police spokesperson confirmed the incident saying its the first time the forces in region arresting a rustler who owns an armory.

“Of all the arrests we have been making in Karamoja, this is the classic one where a rustler had his own armory, very strange,” Longole said.

He said Mateo Logwe who had been spending much of his time in Kalamoethe hills east of Lokapel Junction in Nabilatuk district.

“This has been his base place from where he would command other rustlers,” he said.

Mr Longole identified the three guns by registration numbers  as  No. 02756 with 6 rounds, Gun 2 as  No. 216823 with 6 rounds while gun 3  No. 48008590 had 29rounds.

He said the recovered  guns brings to  the total number of guns and ammunition recovered since 17/7/2021 to 571 and 3,745 respectively.

Molding  Lomuria, a resident of Lokana Kapel said more efforts were needed to collect all the guns in Karamoja.

“They are still many guns being kept in Karamoja and the security forces need to use a sophisticated method to get them out,” he said.

Joseph Lokol, the district chairperson of Nabilatuk also said the forces need to double their efforts so that this time no is gun left in the hands of the Karimojong.

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