Nobert Mao Visits Speaker Oulanyah, Says He is Very Ill

Democratic Party (DP) President Nobert Mao has said he is in Seattle, America where he went to visit the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya who has been hospitalized there for some. Mao says the Speaker is very ill and deserves prayers.

“I’m with the Chief Justice, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, the Health Minister and the Speaker’s brother in Seattle where the speaker is hospitalized,” Mao posted on his Twitter handle on Friday.

He went on to write that, “ A man who is very ill deserves our prayers.”

Mao also said the Deputy Speaker would officially update the country on the Speaker’s situation soon.

Not very long ago, Oulanyah posted on his social media platform that he was grateful for the love he is receiving and the messages of comfort. He said he was responding well to treatment.

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