Museveni Dispels Rumours That He’s Backing Kenya’s Ruto

President Museveni has quashed claims that he is supporting Deputy President William Ruto in the bid to become President of Kenya. During an interview with a local media, Museveni said he is not taking sides in the Kenyan presidential elections due to happen in August.

Ruto will stand against former prime minister Raila Odinga and many others, although stiff competition remains between the two.

Word that Museveni was backing Ruto following the latter’s frequent visits to Uganda. In August last year, Ruto was blocked from coming to Uganda by his government.

 “Elections in Kenya or any other African country are a matter of the people of that country. We never take sides in the internal matters of other countries. So, we have no side in the Kenya elections,” Museveni said in an interview

Ruto has previously described Museveni as his role model, and has at one point flown to Uganda to canvass for votes for the old man with a hat.

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