Muhoozi to Teach Otafiire And His Group That Their Time Is Over

Alot of talk about trasition has been going on for a while within the NRM party and amongst Ugandans with many pointing out Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba – the first son as the next President.

The move has been opposed by different opposition members and within the NRM party. The recent one is the Minister of Internal Affairs, Maj Gen (Rtd) Kahinda Otafiire who in an with Nation Media Group reporter Sudhir Byaruhanga, said should Gen Muhoozi stand against his father, President Museveni, they (National Resistance Movement party) would defeat him, like they have defeated other groups before.

He said, “I have a lot of people telling Museveni to go. They behave like Museveni brought himself. I want to remind all and sundry that President Museveni is a flag bearer of a political party. While the party will say, bwana Museveni, we think you have served enough, step aside and we get somebody else, that is the democratic process in accordance with our constitution.

Otafiire added that who ever is unsatisfied and dont like like Gen Museveni or the party of NRM, should create another political party to compete with and defeat the ruling party.

His comments seemed to have angered Gen Muhoozi who on Tuesday wrote on Twitter that he will not sit and watch while the minister sabotages the young generation from running affairs of the country.

He vowed to teach the minister and the fellows a lesson that their time is over.

“Calls us ‘mad’ people because we dare to ask the questions that even children understand. Let us teach Otafiire and his group that their time is absolutely over,” Muhoozi said in a now deleted tweet.

It still remains unclear whether Muhoozi will appear on the 2026 ballot paper. However, he has already shown interest on suceeding the father.

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