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Mpuuga Condemns Indiscipline among NUP Supporters

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba has condemned the indiscipline of some opposition political supporters.

Mpuuga admits that some opposition activists including those in the National Unity Platform-NUP party have made it a routine to exhibit undue conduct which is threatening the party’s plan of providing a better alternative to the current government which they are opposing.

Speaking at the last funeral rites of Edward Ssetaba at Kyankumu village in Kalungu district, Mpuuga who is also the NUP Deputy President for the central region lashed out at cliques of their supporters who are using different platforms to openly discredit the opposition’s efforts to overpower the NRM.

He says that while the country appears to be ready and energized for a political transition, a section of opposition supporters spread out in the different areas are instead ignorantly frustrating efforts by some of their key leaders that are supposed to provide guidance in the journey to defeat the National Resistance Movement-NRM government.

Using the analogy of a disruptive wild Hermarkop bird (locally known as Nnaddibanga) which stirs up to contaminate a community water source during critical moments, Mpuuga indicates that the NUP party is equally faced with a challenge of some uncouth individuals who are ignorantly shrinking the party’s efforts to take over state power.  

Mpuuga’s public criticism against errant party supporters comes at the height of unclear circumstances surrounding the recent court bail granted to Makindye West and Kawempe North MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya, who had spent 16 months on remand over multiple murders and terrorism charges.

He argued that the country is faced with very serious problems that require galvanize and well-guided efforts of all change-seeking forces.

Francis Kamulegeya, the Kyankumu LCI Chairperson had earlier expressed disappointment with the emerging internal bickering in the party’s top leadership organs, arguing that they are frustrating their mobilization efforts at the grassroots levels.

“We are looking forward to having a common voice by our leadership such that our members are well guided for the mission towards having a new Uganda,” he noted.        

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