Mpuga Speaks Out on Internal Fights within NUP

Nyendo Mukungwe Member of Parliament, Mathias Mpuga who is also the Leader of Opposition has dismissed reports that there is growing bickering and divisions within the National Unity Platform (NUP), especially among the top bosses.

Mpuga says those propagating news that there are internal fights are having wild imaginations. He says the news is misplaced and only meant to wreck the party

“They want to see NUP disintegrate. I want to disappoint them that it is not about to happen. When we meet, we deliberate on issues within & without the party – in the country, in Parliament etc,” he posted on Twitter

NUP recently held a retreat at Busabala beach, and according to some publications, the retreat was called to discuss the divisions.”

“We are not a bunch of fools that whenever an issue comes, we chorus about it; we deliberate. The intention of the retreat we had with the NUP MPs was to review our 6 months in Parliament,” says Mpuga

“We agreed to improve, re-orient our young & new MPs to best represent their people and afflictions of the society. We discussed the major challenges in the country; Human Rights violations, the continued arrests of our members.”

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