MPs Want Museveni to Address Karamoja Insecurity Ahead of Festive Season

Members of Parliament have asked the Speaker Anita Among to use her powers and invite President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to address the House on persistent subversive activities of the Karamojong warriors ahead of the festive season.

The call follows urgent matters of national concern that legislators raised on the floor during pleanry sitting on Wednesday after a recent spate of indiscriminate killings being orchestrated by the armed warriors despite security deployments in the region.

Philips Lokwang Ilukol, the Napore West Constituency Representative in Karenga district cited an incident on October 28th, 2022 in which armed warriors trailed Simon Peter Omony, the Principal Assistant Secretary and acting Deputy Chief Administrative Officer – CAO and killed him.

Three days later, Lokwang revealed that the same armed gang of warriors killed a teenage boy in Napikori village. The legislator informed the House that about 70 warriors have been spotted wandering in Kidepo Valley National Park threatening the security of tourists and residents.

His counterpart John Amos Okot of Agago North County, that borders Karenga District on the East revealed that on the night of November 22nd, 2022 the armed warriors shot dead 38-year-old Charles Obwona in his constituency. The deceased left two widows and three orphans while 18 livestock were looted.

Okot further revealed that on November 12th, 2022 armed warriors killed one, Bosco Opiyo, 34, and critically injured two others; Christopher Omolo and Bosco Lakidi. He added that while the Government claims to have deployed, the warriors are freely idling in areas of Omiya-Pachua, Lapono, Paimol and Lira-Kato Sub-Counties.

But Solomon Silwany, the Bukooli County Central Member of Parliament noted that the responses of the line security Ministers are not being felt in ending the Karamoja insurgents and urged Speaker Among to seek the indulgence of President Museveni to address the House on the continuous security threats being imposed by the warriors.

When the Speaker tasked to respond to the matter, Gen David Muhoozi, the Minister of State for Internal Affairs said the Government has largely suppressed the security threats in Karamoja and described the cases being reported as mere ‘residue challenges.

The North-Eastern Karamoja region has been poked with conflict for decades.  Since July this year, the intensified Government-led disarmament operations against armed pastoralists who are mainly dependent on cattle farming, and cattle rustlers have led to several injuries and deaths.

However, in response, remnant warriors have targeted innocent local leaders, government officials and traders in retaliation leading to feelings of immense mistrust between the residents and military.

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