MPs Asked to Seize Leadership Opportunities

Members of Parliament and Ministers have been asked to decisively take the leadership opportunity granted to them by God as all opportunities are not long-lasting.

The call was made by Rev. Canon Onesmus Asiimwe, the Chaplain of St. Francis Chapel, Makerere while presiding over the pre-funeral service for the late Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah at his home in Muyenga on Monday, 28 March 2022.

According to Asiimwe, Oulanyah had achieved his mission and ‘walked on this earth like an elephant’ leaving behind indelible footprints.

He said Oulanyah will be remembered as a man who loved God, a man who cared for people and was passionate about humanity.

Asiimwe said that at one point, Oulanyah wanted to preach at St. Francis Chapel Makerere, but he did not know what the then Deputy Speaker was going to preach about adding that, whenever he would meet Oulanyah, he would remind him on when he is scheduling for him to preach.

Onesmus said that Oulanyah believed in seizing an opportunity at that specific moment and using it well.
“An opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of that opportunity. In other words, opportunities are not long-lasting so you, Ugandans, leaders need to seize that opportunity when it still last,” Onesmus said while quoting Oulanyah’s speech in 2015 at a youth convention.

According to Onesmus, Oulanyah’s death happened at a time when people were just starting to enjoy his leadership. He said many times, people ask questions about why such deaths occur, but ‘it is God above all’.

He called on Ugandans to stop speculating on the death of the Speaker but also said it was inhumane to jubilate about the death.

He also added that ultimately, ‘Ugandans need to turn to the lord since death and judgment are for everyone’.

In his response to the sermon of the day, the Hon. Peter Ogwang, the Minister of State for Economic Monitoring hailed the preacher for answering questions that have been going on in his head.
 “Why make me achieve my dream then take me, that question has never left my head, but today it has been answered,” Ogwang said.

He also called on mourners to forgive Ugandans laughing and jubilating at the death of the Speaker.

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