MP Mayanja’s Driver Kidnapped by Unknown Gunmen

Yasin Ssebunya, the driver of the Nakaseke Central Member of Parliament (MP) Allan Mayanja has gone missing. He was allegedly arrested on Wednesday by three unknown gunmen from his home in Kamusiime village, Kiwoko Town Council in Nakaseke District. 

Hawah Nassolo, Ssebunya’s sister says that while sleeping at 3:00 am, unidentified men knocked on the door demanding for Ssebunya. She says that the men told Ssebunya’s wife that they were taking him to the Police Station.

According to Nassolo, minutes after he was taken, the men returned to the house and took away Ssebunya’s phone which had been left behind. Nassolo, says that the men told her that they were taking Ssebunya to Mukono District where they allege he committed crimes.

MP Mayanja says that the whereabouts of Ssebunya are unknown. He says he has visited several police stations searching for him, in vain.

Patrick Lule, the Acting Savannah Regional Police Spokesperson says that the family has not registered the case of a missing person.

Early this month, unknown gunmen kidnapped Khalid Ssebi, the private bodyguard of Mayanja. 

Ssebi’s wife, Kasifa Ocogoru says that while sleeping at her home around 2 am, her female friend knocked on her door and informed her about the kidnap of her husband, who was also working as a guard at Kiwoko Citizens’ High School in Kiwoko Town Council in Nakaseke District.

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