Moroto Enforces Handwashing, Monitors Travelers over Ebola

Moroto district has stepped up its health surveillance around the bus terminal and its surroundings  following the Eblola outbreak in Mubende district.

Last week the ministry of health reported an outbreak of Ebola that had claimed lives of people in Mubende district.

The Ebola virus causes an acute, serious illness that is often fatal. A person suffering from Ebola has signs of Fever, Fatigue, Muscle pain, Headache and Sore Throat.

 With only few people  washing hands after torching anything in the district, Moroto is scaling up measures with partners to ensure that they follow all the travelers who could have traveled from western Uganda to Moroto.

Dr. James Lemukol the Moroto district health director said they are on high alert adding that people move day and night and that their team was mandated to closely monitor the people who traveled from western Uganda.

“We have deployed most of our health team to be on the lookout and they are following all those who happened to have recently traveled from the western part of the country to Moroto so that we monitor them,” he said. 

Dr.Lemukol however urged the public to remain calm saying they have enough personnel  ready to manage anything in case of an incident.

He urged them to report any person showing unusual signs of a strange disease.

Moses Mudong, a taxi driver of Moroto, Soroti road said as drivers they are also on high alert while carrying the passengers.

“We also monitor the health of our passengers when we come across any passenger complaining of body pain, headache and maybe vomiting while in transit we drive him or her to the nearest health centre to be checked before we can proceed with the journey,” he said.

Joseph Lokut from a village  health team in Moroto town said they recently trained on how to handle such dangerous disease.

“We are equipped with knowledge on how to handle patients with Ebola symptoms,” he said. 

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