More Boys Pin Mutundwe Resident for Sodomy

Two teenagers aged 11 and 12 have pinned a 30-year-old man Deo Mutabaazi, a resident of Wabiyinja zone in Mutundwe, Bunamwaya in Wakiso district over allegedly sodomising them.

Mutabaazi, 30, was recently arrested by Nateete police after the boys were medically confirmed to have been sodomized. Mutabaazi has since been slapped with charges of aggravated defilement and sodomy.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said Mutabaazi’s acts were unearthed by neighbours who became suspicious after seeing him close the door whenever the boys entered. Police says the neighbours peeped into the house and what they saw confirmed their suspicions, prompting them to alert the parents and the area defence secretary.

Nateete detective’s report and the victims’ parents’ statements show that when the defence secretary and other locals forced Mutabaazi’s door open, they found him with the two boys, who were sitting on his bed. They also had lubricants which were suspected to be used during the act.

Since then more boys have come to pin Mutabaazi that he had earlier sodomized them and threatened to harm them if they ever reported. Police have asked the parents whose children have been close to him to take them for medical examination.

“Such incidents of sexual abuse against young boys and teenagers, clearly reveal the dangers they face in the community. We shall ensure all perpetrators of child sexual trafficking, sodomy and other forms of physical abuse targeting young boys and male teenagers are held accountable for their crimes,” Enanga said.

One of the parents whose name is concealed said in the statement that Mutabaazi had for a while been befriending their boys and it was very difficult for them to suspect that he was subjecting them to acts of sodomy.

“…Our boys would play with him and we did not at any time suspect him of doing what he has done on them. I now suspect that all the boys at my village who have been close to him were sodomized,” one parent said in a statement.

Police have asked parents to be suspicious of every person who pretends to be so close to their children regardless of their sex. 

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