Missing Bugiri Inspector of Schools Found Dead

The missing Inspector of Schools in Bugiri district has been found dead in a pit latrine on his farm in Nandelema village, Kapyanga sub-county. The lifeless body of David Tenywa, who had been reported missing since Saturday, was discovered by the police on Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier in the day, the Busoga East police spokesperson, Diana Nandawula, informed journalists that ransom seekers had contacted Tenywa’s family demanding between Shillings 10 million and 20 million in exchange for his life.

The police conducted investigations and found that Tenywa’s car and phones were used by the ransom seekers to contact the family, threatening to harm him if the money was not paid within an hour.

A detective, speaking anonymously, revealed that one of the ransom seekers called to inform them that they were no longer interested in the money because Tenywa had already been killed. The anonymous caller provided information on the location where Tenywa’s remains had been dumped and advised the family to expedite the burial process before decomposition set in.

A family member who also spoke anonymously stated that the kidnappers had warned them against involving the police, fearing it would lead to Tenywa’s death.

“We have been emotionally depressed ever since we received news that our father had gone missing from the farm and we collectively resolved to seek all manner of help from different power bearers. However, the ransom seekers kept on threatening us to focus our energies on finding the money required from us, rather than involving police and the media, as it would provoke them to kill him,” he said.

According to Nandawula, the investigating teams revisited the crime scene with sniffer dogs that led them to the pit latrine. Tenywa’s lifeless body was found floating in the pit latrine, which was filled with fecal waste. Nandawula disclosed that the initial leads pointed towards Tenywa’s casual laborers as prime suspects in the crime.

“Our preliminary inquiries indicated that Tenywa had been kidnapped alongside his casual laborers whom the suspects were using to ask for money from the family members. However, our investigating teams suspect foul play and efforts of hunting them down as key suspects in this crime are underway,” she said. 

Police transferred the deceased’s body to Bugiri General Hospital mortuary for a postmortem examination while further investigations are conducted.

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