Miria Matembe Leaves CCEDU

Civil activist, Miria Matembe has on Friday announced her resignation from her role as Chairperson of the Citizen’s Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU).

Matembe says her resignation is in the interest of the organization.

 “In my own understanding, I believe CCEDU’s indefinite suspension was and continues to be as a result of my personal political beliefs. I have been seized with useful information to that effect – that this non-conclusive response from both NGO Bureau and the Electoral Commission, our line partner institution is because of my political standing in the midst of the current political environment,” she says.

 “Rather than a whole citizens’ coalition with over 1,000 members and many other organisations being suspended because of my individual political thoughts, and for the good and interest of these Ugandans, it is rather prudent that I step down from the position of chairperson in order to give the organization a second chance to live,” she states.

Matembe assumed office in August 2019, and she says the organization has faced many blocks from the government which she says are a result of her political views and inclinations.

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