Ministry of Internal Affairs Threatens to Destroy 30,000 Uncollected passports

Over 30,000 passports remain uncollected  at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the ministry’s spokesperson Simon Mundeyi has revealed.

Mundeyi said during a press conference on Monday that the passports have not been picked by their owners for over a year.

“We request members of the public who applied for passports, paid, scheduled appointments and their passports made to come and pick them. We now have about 30,000 passports in our stores in Kyambogo which have not been claimed by owners,”Mundeyi said.

“The ministry is therefore planning to destroy passports which have taken a year in store because we don’t have where to keep them.”

“Some people during the process of applying online made mistakes in the contacts they put. If you miss number or something, the message will go to a different person. We appeal to all Ugandans who applied for passports to come to Kyambogo to check our centre because we are soon going to destroy them,” he added.

He said efforts to reach the owners had been in vain as some people put fake numbers.

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