Ministry of Health Suspends Mandatory Covid-19 Testing at Entebbe Airport

The Ministry of Health has announced that there will no longer be mandatory COVID-19 testing for people entering the country through Entebbe Airport. According to communication from the MOH, the decision was arrived at following a discussion in Cabinet.

According to the director of general health services, Dr Henry Mwebesa, the number of positive cases among travellers has gone down, and it is this trend that encouraged them to suspend the mandatory testing.

Travellers entering Uganda will no longer have to undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing as has been the case.

The suspension mandatory testing only applies at Entebbe but travellers, entering and  leaving the country will still be required to present a 72 hour negative COVID-19 test

The new measures take immediate effect.

The Ministry says Mandatory testing can be re-introduced if the cases increase. Members of the public are encouraged to continue following SOPs to limit the spread.

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