Minister Otafiire: Attack on Security Personnel, Installations Linked to Criminal Gangs

Organized criminal gangs are behind the recent attack on security installations and installations, the Internal Affairs Minister, General Kahinda Otafiire has revealed. According to Otafiire, the attacks do not indicate a manifestation of rebel activities in the country.

He told URN in an interview from Gulu City on Wednesday that some of the attackers have been arrested and put out of action while conducting criminal activities using the guns they had stolen from security personnel.    

Otafiire explained that security investigations show that the assailant who was put out of action during a shootout with security in Kapeeka in Nakaseke district last week was part of the criminal gang that robbed a fuel tanker in Mable City.   

Gen. Otafiire adds that the suspect used a gun that was stolen from police officers in Luweero district, which indicates that the assailants had nothing to do with rebellions.   

He says that they have also cautioned the police against carrying out arrests of suspects without credible evidence that can be presented to the court for possible prosecution.  

Several police posts have been attacked in the recent past with the assailants making off with the firearms of their victims. The attacks took place in Luwero, Mukono, Iganga, and Mbale among other areas. 

Speaking about alleged abductions in the county, Gen. Otafiire explained that people are being picked up for criminal reasons and taken to gazetted detention facilities

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