Minister Calls for Collective Fight Against Climate Change

Ugandans have been advised to take collective responsibility for protecting the environment and not waiting for government intervention.

Esther Anyakun, the State Minister for Relief, Refugees, and Disaster Preparedness said that if the fight to protect the environment is taken seriously by everyone, the country wouldn’t be facing the effects of climate change.

According to Anyakun, the changing climate patterns must be everybody’s concern, and there is a need for concerted efforts.

Francis Sabibo Ogwal, the senior manager for environment, planning, and coordination at NEMA, says that it is very important for every individual to be cautious with the way they utilize the environment.

“God in his wisdom first created the environment, with everything in it that is meant to sustain human life on this earth. That means that the way we utilize the environment is very important, both for these of us here now and the future generations,” Ogwal explained.

According to Ogwal, environmental management becomes increasingly challenging as the world population grows. He also said that when environmental protection is not well managed, it can compromise human existence and protection should start at an individual level.

Dagmar Zwebe the Country Representative of Global Green Growth Initiative-GGGI, says that there is a need to think of a strategy that brings people from different walks of life to appreciate the need of protecting the environment because this calls for collective efforts.

Barbra Babweteera, the Executive Director of Cross-Cultural Foundation Uganda, says that it is high time modern society appreciated the role of culture in environmental protection, rather than criticizing it as the cause of all today’s society is experiencing.

Over the past weeks, different parts of the country have been experiencing erratic high rainfall which is a manifestation of Climate Change. There have been floods and mudslides in Isingiro, Kisoro, Kabale, Kasese, and surrounding areas.

On Thursday, fast-moving flood water washed away part of the River Katonga Bridge in Mpigi District complicating transport along Kampala- Masaka highway.

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