Minister Baryomunsi Speaks Being Summoned Over Oulayah Poison Claims

ICT Minister Chris Baryomunsi has spoken out on summons against him by the Uganda Police over the late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah poison claims On Tuesday, the police spokesperson Fred Enanga revealed that Baryomunsi, Hon Godfrey Kiwanda, Bobi Wine, Bosmic Otim, Jacob Oulanyah’s father Nathan Okori and others had been summoned to give evidence about claims that Oulanyah was poison.

“Police should be professional in the way they do their work. Jacob Oulanyah’s father needs counselling to come to terms with the loss of his son, not police summons. At this rate, [police spokesperson] Fred Enanga may end up summoning Jacob Oulanyah [from the grave]” ICT and national guidance minister, “ Dr Chris Baryomunsi said in response.

He cautioned the police spokesperson against dragging his name in the mud. Earlier during a radio talk show, Hon Kiwanda said Oulanyah had confided in him about the poison claims. “He told me not to tell anyone, but I told Baryomunsi.”

It is against that background that Baryomunsi was dragged into it.

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