Members Welcome Suspension of NUP Leaders in Busoga

Key National Unity Platform-NUP party officials in Busoga have welcomed the suspension of party five officials in their region for alleged misconduct. 

On Thursday last week, the NUP president, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobiwine suspended the deputy head of mobilization, Moses Bigirwa, Andrew Muwanguzi, the acting head of patriotism and ideology, Bamu Lulenzi, the coordinator Busoga sub-region, Jamal Mukuve, the acting youth coordinator, Busoga sub-region and Saulo Nsongambi, the acting NUP coordinator in Jinja city for alleged misconduct.

He directed the affected individuals to desist from representing the party at any public forum or privately until their matters are resolved. Kyagulanyi said that the continued clashes among the party officials both in mainstream media and social media were contributing to the destruction of the party’s public image in the Busoga sub-region. He noted that the affected individuals had frustrated efforts of reconciling them.

In a letter signed by the NUP secretary general, Lewis Rubongoya, the party instituted a five-member committee to investigate the alleged misconduct by the suspended leaders. The committee comprising Jolly Mugisha, Aisha Kabanda, Moses Kanaabi,  William Odinga, and Kassim Fatuma will start its inquiries early this week and compile a detailed report for the party secretariat for further action.

Muzamiru Nsimbi, the NUP coordinator in Kaliro district says that their regional leaders were involved in a bitter exchange on social media platforms using vulgar language, which negatively impacts the party’s credibility. He accused the suspended leaders of mobilizing a group of unemployed youths whom they deploy to attack and threaten party members for reporting their misconduct to the Secretariat. 

Molson Bizitu, the acting Jinja City deputy NUP chairperson says that the regional leaders’ actions were discouraging mobilization efforts. He says the party’s resolve to reign over them is timely in reclaiming their lost support. The suspended officials have not yet commented on the matter as non could be reached by the time of filing this story. 

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