Man in Viral Video Beating Boda boda Rider Arrested

Police have arrested Ramathan Katende who was seen in a viral video beating his boda boda employee.

Katende, who is currently detained at Nansana police station in Wakiso district, assaulted a one Laguna who had allegedly disappeared with his motorcycle. This incident happened on June 14 inside the Nansana Boda Boda Association office where he also serves as the defense secretary.

Laguna was successfully traced by Katende after he disappeared for two weeks with his motorcycle and was not remitting daily fees for the same period.

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson said Katende’s actions against Laguna were tantamount to torture and he has been slapped with the same charges. Katende allegedly committed the crime at Kibwa zone.

“It’s alleged that the victim was riding a motorcycle belonging to the suspect but disappeared for about two weeks which annoyed the owner of the motorcycle. When the rider was arrested later by the owner, he was taken to the office of the chairman and seriously caned by Katende using electrical wire while recording himself, and the video was later shared on social media,” Onyango said.

Onyango said after receiving the information, police started investigating the case, and recorded statements from witnesses.

“As he was torturing the victim his friend was capturing the incident using the suspect’s phone and after, the suspect sent the captured video to their group. One of the group members sent the video recording to various groups,” Onyango said.

Police said after torturing the victim the suspect let the victim go away from their office and since then the victim has not been seen. Police have now tasked Katende to reveal where Laguna went or else more charges of causing the disappearance of a person will be added to his file.

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